The purpose of my book and blog

My thinking when I started out on this path was to do my part to reduce my eco footprint and help start a popular movement to try and avert the destruction of our biosphere.

But my expression of my purpose has changed as I’ve become more aware of social and economic realities on this planet.

Why I’m doing this is to do my part, as a white person, to dismantle the white colonizer culture that is trashing the planet and all beings. As a white person, I’m in a position to do this, so that’s how I want to use my privilege.

Still fleshing out my words. Work in progress. When I wrote my book and started my blog, my phrase for the culture I saw as problematic was “USA American, industrialized, consumerist culture.” But then I came across the phrase “colonizer culture” and the reality clicked very strongly.

My demographic — the one I belong to racially and chronologically — is white, Baby Boomer, self-described environmentalist. And it’s my fellow white, Baby Boomer, self-described environmentalists who are the target audience for my communication about footprint reduction. The target audience of my book and this blog.

In no way am I telling any Black people, indigenous people, or other people of color that they need to reduce their footprint. I’m calling-in my fellow white people, and specifically Boomers, because our generation and demographic has done more to trash the biosphere and cause human suffering on this planet than all other generations combined.

The good news is if we (white Boomers) get our act together and stop hogging resources (including hogging social spaces), there will be plenty of food, water, shelter, and everything else for everyone on earth, and for all nonhuman beings as well.

Important note! I am always honored when people of younger generations follow my writing. And I know a lot of you “in real life” so I know you are here in significant number reading my stuff. You are always invited here, I’m honored that you are here, and my purpose for you is to support you in navigating the harsh realities that my generation has created for the generations after us.

For any Black people, indigenous people, and other people of color who might be reading this, please know that any bossy-sounding tone in this blog, my book, or any of my other channels is directed at calling-in my fellow white Boomers, not in any way trying to tell you to reduce your footprint or change your lifestyle. I’m honored that you are here, and I will support you in any way I can. My aspiration is to support you by doing my part to dismantle the harsh realities that Anglo-Saxon colonizer culture has created on this planet. We have stolen from you, and I’m in the ongoing process of reflecting and studying about what it looks like to make real amends, reparations.