Praise for four small but mighty hand-tools

Just 4 basic handtools — ratcheting screwdriver; drill (either hand-cranked, or punch drill “Yankee drill” as shown here); small saw; and hammer — can do a lot! You can make or repair lots of things with these.

I once used them to build an entire pallet porch with roof and screen walls at my place in the RV park where I lived for 10 years in Austin. And I use them for smaller projects and repairs all the time, such as repairing a broken chair at my neighbor’s house.

I typically work with materials I find discarded at curbside. Old wood can be super hard and/or crack easily, and old nails & screws can be dullish and rusty. No worries; I just take the extra step of drilling starter holes (pilot holes). If you don’t have a drill, you can make pilot holes by gently tapping with hammer on a skinny nail.

I’ve always preferred hand tools to power tools. And I love projects that divert unwanted materials from landfill and give them new life.

You can see pics here on my DEEP GREEN Facebook page, and see my TikTok video tribute to the tools here. Also check out my TikTok video about using scrounged materials to repair a chair.