Walking and Cycling and Transit ARE “Transportation”

Public Service Announcement for motorists who don’t see walking, cycling, and bus as real, valid forms of transportation: Please stop saying we pedestrians, cyclists, and public-transit users “don’t have transportation,” when what we don’t have is CAR ownership. We have transportation!

And please stop trying to shame us or scare us into quitting walking & cycling “because it’s dangerous.” Just STOP that please!!!

If YOU really think it’s dangerous, then do something to actually help fix the danger you perceive. Ask your elected leaders/police to crack down on speeding & drunk driving. Teach self-defense to kids, women, or other vulnerable populations etc etc etc.

What about the dangers of depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar from a sedentary lifestyle! I’d rather pick the kind of “danger” that lets me be outdoors and talk with neighbors, meet new people, see cool buildings & beautiful nature close-up.

And if the real reason why you’re wanting me to stop getting around by foot or bicycle is because it makes you question your choices … then hey, go ahead and question your choices! You might find out something interesting and useful. (I always do, when I reexamine my choices and defaults.)

Oh, and you can stop asking me where my shoes are. I expect they’re right where I left them.