Easy Peasy Rainwater Collection

Here are some “liner notes” from my TikTok video “Easy Peasy Rainwater Collection.” (If you can’t access TikTok, you can see a photo on my DEEP GREEN Facebook page.)


  • Scooping water into watering can is great exercise! I used to spend so much time & money “working out” at the gym
  • “Peace Corps shower” using an old veggie can dipped into a pot of rainwater is a great way to cool off and wash off dirt from feet & whole body
  • Roof of 1000 sf house can collect up to 623 gal of beautiful free cloud-juice for every inch of rainfall! (Homeschool math exercise potential abounds!)
  • Tubs can serve as mini outdoor pools, fun for kids of all ages including you and me!
  • Discourage mosquitoes breeding, and keep insects, frogs, etc from drowning in the tub by keeping the tub covered with screen, and/or using the water promptly
  • As great as rainwater collection in tubs is, the REAL rainwater collection powerhouse is turning your yard into a “sponge” of plants and healthy soil, decaying logs etc. You can transform your yard into a rich cool oasis that requires no irrigation other than what falls from the sky!