Green “Agenda”?

Someone in my social mediaverse commented that the “Green Movement” is just a way to to weaken and undermine our country and its allies while our enemies continue full steam ahead.

But — who are the real “enemies”?

Arms dealers always only have one agenda: to sell arms. They thrive on the belief that there exist “enemies” who need to be shot and bombed into submission.

Corporations in general ultimately all have the twofold agenda of 1) selling their product; and 2) appeasing shareholders.

Governments tend to have the agenda of preserving the status quo, protecting powerful vested interests, and securing resources for their own nation-states (be it water, oil, or whatever).

There is, worldwide, a legitimate mass green movement of people who are looking for ways to live lighter on the earth, and consider the impact of their lifestyles on less-privileged people (garment sweatshop workers in faraway lands, etc.)

And yes, inevitably, some corporations might seek to capitalize on the legitimate green uprising by offering products that might turn out to be not all that good for the environment, or for people. (A prime example right now is electric cars, which are not the planet-saving panacea some people want to think they are.) It’s in our best interest, as individuals, to consider carefully before making some big expensive switch to a supposedly “green” alternative.

Most of the time, the greenest thing we can do is also the cheapest and simplest. And that is simply to reduce our spending on things that are not adding value to our lives (what those things are will differ from one person to another).

Many of us find that by planning carefully, we can radically reduce the amount of gasoline, electricity, consumer goods, and other “stuff” we have to purchase. Not only is that good for the planet, it also makes us less vulnerable, more resilient.

The real “enemy” isn’t some other country; it’s our own dependence on goods & commodities that are supplied by distant and monopolistic entities who have us in their power because they can cut off our “supply” at any time. This is no way to live.

If we can reduce our vulnerability even a little, it’ll go a long way to reduce the stranglehold of corporations and governments that really don’t have the everyday people’s best interest at heart.

Ideas (the same basic ones I’m always suggesting):

  • Grow a bit of your own food
  • If you have a yard and have manicured landscaping, consider taking things in a more natural direction: reduce frequency of mowing; allow shrubs to grow soft and bushy — this will save a lot of fuel (as well as money)
  • Generate some of your own power and/or radically reduce your household energy needs
  • Collect rainwater
  • Devise backup plans for transportation so a rise in gas prices doesn’t make or break us. Car-sharing, carpooling, walking in some cases is feasible, as is bicycling … And just deciding to stay home and forgo a trip you weren’t really looking forward to … etc etc etc. Every little bit helps!!