“Design Your Escape” workshop coming up Sat Feb 26

On Saturday February 26 from 9am to 4pm US EST, I’ll be co-teaching a workshop on how to escape from the rat-race and live life on your own terms. The rat-race (or “hamster wheel,” as we call it in the event flyer) could be financial stress, soul-sucking job, or any combination of undesirable aspects of our consumerist go-go-go society that are dragging you down and keeping you from living fully in accordance with who you really are.

I’ll be teaching along with my two good friends and fellow permaculturists Koreen Brennan (Grow Permaculture) and Laura Oldanie (Rich & Resilient Living). This practical and inspiring workshop is about forging your path to financial resilience, creative & occupational freedom, and more. There will be mini exercises and lots of time for Q&A; networking; informal chat over lunch.

The day-long workshop will be conducted by Zoom, and we’ve set the tuition at $50 to make it affordable while providing great value.

To find out more and to register, go here!