Links To Likeminded Community

Following is a short list of the main groups I read, comment on, and get support and inspiration from.

Each group has a slightly different focus. Some are more nuts and bolts tips (what to do with so many glass jars you don’t want to throw away) whereas others (like Deep Adaptation) get into deep existential questions and often bring up parallels between facing societal collapse and biospheric collapse and facing our own deaths. And the Transformative Adventures one has a focus on creativity and finding one’s right livelihood amid the dysfunctional mainstream society. Hope you find these as lifesaving as I do! Most of us can’t go it alone. There is power in numbers; these groups link tens of thousands of people around the world. Together we boost our creativity and make a difference. 

• Zero Waste, Zero Judgement Facebook group

• The Non-Consumer Advocate Facebook group

• Degrowth – join the revolution Facebook group 

• Deep Adaptation Facebook group 

Permaculture in Action: Transformative Adventures! Facebook group