Use Your Words

Lately the universe’s great, overarching, profound message to me appears to be … “USE YOUR WORDS, JENNY!” — Well, OK, I confess: By “lately,” I mean, like, pretty much just about my entire life!

LOL, you might think that wouldn’t be so hard for someone who majored in English literature and who has made her living at various occupations that required significant verbal communication skills … You might THINK that it would not be so difficult for said person to use her words, but in many cases you would be surprised!!! 😉

This past week I have been engaging in some in-depth study and practice to grow beyond my pattern of “not speaking up.” It seemed safe and protective at one point in my life, but it has really never served me or anyone else.

Posting this in case anyone else needs to hear this reminder too. Use your words! Speak up! Your input is needed!