Job Titles: Climate Educator, Climate Communicator, Sustainability Educator

My actual “official” occupation, listed on my tax forms, is “Sustainability Educator, Self-Employed.” But I like “Climate Educator” and “Climate Communicator” too. Then again, “Zombie Apocalypse Concierge” has a nice fun ring to it, huh? But that one might spark some unwanted extra attention from the IRS.

My approach to my self-defined job is: I wrote a book, and have a blog, and do public speaking, and offer consultations, and have a pretty big presence on social media, to popularize low-footprint living as a deliberate lifestyle choice for privileged people in the consumer countries (starting with my country, USA). I intend to write fiction also. And, I have once or twice done stand-up comedy at an open mic down the street. About biospheric collapse, yes. Sometimes humor and story gets more attention than straight talk.

I feel that if the highest-consuming people can actually make it cool and stylish to live a very small footprint, we’ll shrink down to our fair share, reduce suffering on the planet, and at least maybe soften the worst impacts of climate change.

This to me is the most ethical choice I can make, given that climate change disproportionately affects billions of people around the world who have done little or nothing to cause it.

In addition to advocating voluntary low-footprint living among rich people in the consumer societies, I also teach and promote permaculture design.

I think there are lots of ways to be a climate educator, and if you are interested in having such a job description, let me know if I can help you by answering any of your questions!