Laundry Tip for Towel Troubles

Someone in the Non-Consumer Advocate group posted about how bath towels always cause their washing machine to make violent banging noises. (And, I have seen towels make washing machines do all kinds of other naughty things as well. The machine stops working and sounds a really piercing alarm; it chokes and stalls out; the Tilt light goes on and can’t be placated.) This laundry woe prompted me to share the following comment …

Awhile back*, when I was living in Tokyo, I copied the local custom and switched to small towels that are lightweight, and that dry really quickly. I never looked back!

I don’t have a washer or dryer; I just wash by hand and line-dry. But either way, whether doing laundry by hand or washer/dryer, small lightweight towels are a godsend!! (For a convenient body-wrap, instead of the giant thick towels I used to think were necessary, I just use a lightweight cotton sarong.)

I have written lots of other laundry tips on this blog; just type “laundry” in the search field and it should bring up several posts. Laundry habits in the USA (and in nations that have succumbed to the USA’s industrial-consumerist influence) are a huge topic, and a giant squishy target for optimizing energy use … not only fossil energy but human energy too!!!

*1990 through 1994

Meta Tip: My comment in the group has gotten quite a few Likes. I almost didn’t even bother to post the comment; now I’m glad I did. Takeaway: You never know which of your posts or comments might really be useful or inspiring to someone. Go ahead and share that tip or other info you have to share!