A Call To Arts

Instead of a call to arms … A call to arts!

“What is called for here is a special kind of love for the world, the love of those who discover the sublime value of life because they are about to lose it. For we are on the verge of losing this most precious and beautiful of worlds, a miracle in all the universe, a home for the evolution of souls, a little paradise here in the richness of space, where we are meant to live and grow and be happy, but which we are day by day turning into a barren stone in space.

“So a new existentialism is called for. Not the existentialism of Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, negative and stoical in spirit, but a brave and visionary existentialism, where as artists we dedicate our lives to nothing short of re-dreaming society. We have to be strong dreamers. We have to ask unthinkable questions. We have to go right to the roots of what makes us such a devouring species, overly competitive, conquest-driven, hierarchical.”

(From an article by Ben Okri, “Artists must confront the climate crisis — we must write as if these are the last days”; in The Guardian.)

On a personal note, I am taking an online class in architectural drawing; thinking it might help me draw super green vegetation-covered apartment buildings and urban streetscapes of my imaginings.