Reducing Inflation Worry

It’s probably no news to people in the USA that consumers here are being battered by inflation. (I assume things are just as bad or worse in other countries. But people in the USA have tended to be insulated from the worst of world conditions.)

One of the beat ways to deal with inflation is to minimize consumption; cut out whole categories whenever possible.

Google is our friend, as are various anti-consumption groups on social media. Formulas for making our own household cleaners, bath products, etc., abound. As do tips for minimizing our household energy consumption. Making or mending our own clothing, furniture, and so on. And although most of us have to buy food, most of us can grow at least some of our own. And we can avoid or cut down on foods that have gone way up in price.

In some cases, supermarket prices are rising enough to be more on a par with farmers’ market prices. This is good news for local farms and for our health.

Americans used to be known for thrift and ingenuity. We can be again. Thrift is a skill that can bring great joy and help us reduce the power that advertisers and big corporate entities have over us.

Inflation can be alarming and upsetting, especially for those who’ve never before lived in inflationary times. But, you can handle it. Double up; make do; tighten up; get really focused on the things that are most important to you.

One thing that’s still cheap or free is online classes. Over the years I’ve availed myself of more classes than I can count. Right now I’m taking a class in architectural sketching, so I can get better at presenting my ideas for integrating nature into the built environment.

Have you taken any good classes lately? What would you like to add to your knowledge base or skillset today?

(Also: YouTube videos. And library books!)