Calling All Activists: Learn “Social Media Sharing” Survival Tips!!!

I’m doing a free webinar tomorrow Wed 9/29/21 at noon EST! How to efficiently share other people’s worthwhile posts on social media, but do it in an easy way so you don’t wear out your brain or your calendar or your keyboard. This will be my first go-round of this webinar.

Let’s face it: Sometimes other people’s posts are a lot of work to share!

Like, when someone sends you an email and they want you to share it on Facebook and Twitter etc. Argh, it’s a hassle! Especially those formatted emails — how are you supposed to share those?

Or non-copy-pasteable stuff … So that in order to share it you’re gonna have to retype it all yourself!

Or how do you deal with incessant direct messages by people wanting YOU to be their free PR agency?

If it’s just a spammer, they are easy to blow off. But a really worthwhile org or event, not so much!!

And unlike some government agency or corporate organizer etc who sent you the request to share their post, YOU won’t get paid for this labor!

And yet, when some really worthwhile event is coming up, we feel remiss not sharing it with fellow eco folk! So we end up working our fingers to the bone for hours sometimes … for free! Volunteering is awesome and all, and most of us do this as a labor of love AND climate reality … but hey, we’ve got our own lives, and bills to pay too, right?

With that very real struggle in mind, tomorrow I’ll be sharing some essential survival tips I’ve gained over my years of being a freelance eco educator which includes huge amounts of “sharing other people’s posts.”

Direct Message me to join me tomorrow for this Zoom call. To allow ample time for Q&A, I’m limiting it to 3 participants (now two, since one person signed up already)!

Don’t worry if this time doesn’t work for you. If lots of people end up being interested in this topic, I’ll offer the workshop many more times!! Also I will be recording it, and if there’s a way to share the recording link publicly, I will!

With a few simple hacks … “Sharing other people’s worthwhile events” can be so easy and so much fun!!!

P.S. Oftentimes people are really terrible at sharing their OWN posts. In other words, many people fail to promote their own very worthwhile endeavors. If you resemble this description, webinar will help you too! It’s no service to the planet to write a book, organize an event, teach a class, start a wonderful business — but then fail to promote it. If you (or your organization) fall down on the job of self-promotion, no one gets to benefit from your hard work — including YOU!