My Year in Webinars 2020

I’m uploading a file of my notes from a few of the best webinars, conferences, and other online eco-related educational events I attended in 2020 and the early months of 2021.

My notes are extremely rough and by no means reflective of the full content of the actual events, but I’m sharing them in case they might be of value.

2020 was more than just the dreadful year of Covid shutdowns. For at least some of us permaculturists and climate activists, it was also the great year that taught us just how feasible it is to hold classes and other gatherings online rather than in person. This is not only easier on the planet, but also a lot easier on our own schedules, our personal energy, and our wallets!

This file of my notes “My Year in Webinars 2020” covers all sorts of content from webinars on native landscaping and green infrastructure, to an outstanding gem of a 45-minute presentation on the Dark Skies movement (tackling light pollution and creating beauty), to the UN climate-change dialogues of December 2020, and more.