Communicating the Value of Trees and Other Vegetation for Heat Mitigation and Other Essential Functions

Here’s a post I made to my neighborhood association about the importance of trees. Feel free to copy-paste and use in your communications with your neighborhood group, local government officials, etc.

Also, to see the graphics I’m referring to, you can go here to view the Facebook post. (Our neighborhood group is set to Public, so you should be able to view the post even if you don’t have a Facebook account. If you can’t see it let me know and I’ll forward the graphics to you.)

Hi all! Here are some graphics to go with the announcement I made at last night’s meeting, about the power of trees and other vegetation.

Trees offer numerous benefits:

  • Mitigate heat (look at the temperature difference!)
  • Absorb/diffuse stormwater, reducing flooding
  • Maintain (or restore) the rainwater cycle, easing drought-flood extremes
  • Reduce runoff of toxic substances into waterways
  • Provide shade
  • Improve public health and safety by making it more comfortable for people to go outdoors
  • Provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.
  • Provide fruit, nuts, or other food for humans.
  • Add BEAUTY to the landscape.

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