#AboutMe: Florida

Someone in the Deep Adaptation group posted an article that talks about how more Americans are seemingly ignoring the risks of climate change and moving to high-risk places.

Over the years, some of my fellow permies and prepper types from around the country have asked me how I can live in Florida, especially right on the coast.

I moved to the Atlantic coast of Florida from Texas back in 2010. I did it to fulfill a lifelong dream of living at the beach. And also to live within an easy bus ride of Orlando, where I had been flying several times a year to teach courses.

BUT, AND, I also moved here to be of service — to cross-pollinate the permaculture design knowledge that I had gained in Austin and other previous places where I’d lived; and to serve as a node of awareness and practical skills regarding climate adaptation and (if necessary) managed retreat.

For what it’s worth, I am more concerned about drought and desertification — even here in Florida — than I am about floods and sea-level rise. Not that the latter aren’t concerns too of course.

But, when it comes right down to it, I don’t feel there are any places that are “safe” from the risks of climate change. The news reports over the past few months of 121-degree temperatures in Canada, and deadly heat waves in chilly northern Europe, and drought and wildfires in Minnesota, and so on, serve as evidence of that.