IPCC Climate Change Report a “Code Red” for Humanity

Climate change report from IPCC a “code red for humanity,” United Nations chief warns (Michael Slezak & Penny Timms; abc.net.au)

“Key points:

• Global warming would likely increase to 1.5C by about 2030, the IPCC report says, based on our current trajectory

• The effects of rising temperatures include rising sea levels, longer fire seasons and worse droughts

• In 2015, as part of the Paris Agreement, all governments had agreed to try to stop warming at 1.5C”

And UN Report on Climate Change Gives Warning (Doyle Rice, USA Today; published in Daytona Beach News-Journal Aug 10, 2021):

“Calling it ‘code red for humanity,’ the landmark report was released in Geneva by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“Many of the changes seen in the world’s climate are unprecedented in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years, and some of the changes already set in motion – such as a rise in sea levels – are irreversible over hundreds to thousands of years, according to the report.

“Wild weather events, such as storms and heat waves, are expected to worsen and become more frequent. …

“‘If this IPCC report doesn’t shock you into action, it should,’ said Helen Mountford of the World Resources Institute, a research nonprofit organization. ‘The report paints a very sobering picture of the unforgiving, unimaginable world we have in store if our addiction to burning fossil fuels and destroying forests continues. One of the most striking takeaways is that we may reach 1.5°C of warming a decade earlier than the IPCC had previously found.'”

According to Doyle in the article I quoted above, the International Panel on Climate Change report is 3,000 pages long and was prepared by 234 scientists.

Here is the page on IPCC’s website where you can view summaries and download the full report.