Mulch Milestone

At some point in the past few months, I had an exciting realization about my 1/10-acre micro urban homestead: It has reached the point of mulch/compost self-sufficiency. In other words, even if bringing in materials from outside (precious oak leaves bagged as “trash” by neighbors; cardboard & newsprint which are a great source of “browns” for the compost; palm duff; and other assorted local curbside biomass) became not-an-option, I now have enough self-restoring biomass on my property to “keep things running,” as it were. Hardy tall grasses that I cut every few months and they never fail to grow back quickly (sometimes I call myself an “urban hay farmer” LOL); large trees I can always prune small branches off of; etc. It’s a great milestone but one I have not taken the time to publicly acknowledge til now.

That said, I sure do cherish those oak leaves, cardboard, and other outside sources of biomass!

#MulchAdoAboutEverything #CompostMatters #SoilBuilding

How about you — What milestones have you hit lately that might deserve a bit of extra acknowledgment and celebration?