Save the Trees! Wherever You Are, Save the Trees!

In my social-media feed today appeared yet another petition begging yet another local government to spare the lives of yet another stand of trees that have been sentenced to death for no apparent reason.

This just so happens to be in my geographic area, but it could just as well be Anytrees, Anywhere, USA.

WHY are they planning to cut down these trees? I didn’t see that info in the petition.

It looks like an already-existing road, with houses already there — so the plan to cut them down doesn’t seem to be motivated by new development.

What is causing us (collectively) to not value shade and beauty, and habitat, in our state?

Trees are also powerful stormwater pumps, and uptakers of nutrients that would otherwise run off into waterways, causing all sorts of trouble. Two benefits that SHOULD give trees high status among public-works departments as “natural solutions to expensive municipal problems.”

It’s painful to me that we even have to ask this, but I think learning the deeper “Why’s” is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to trying to salvage what’s left of our biosphere’s life-support system.

I’ll update you when I hear about the “why.” (A fellow activist is looking into it.) In the meantime you can check out the petition here. Please Help Us Save the Oak Trees on Rockledge Drive Rockledge FL.