Living Deeply with the Reality of Climate Change

How do we avoid becoming bogged down in overwhelm and hopelessness — yet also avoid falling into toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing? How do we avoid false hope, yet still find ways to enjoy life? How do we fully face things, while fully living? It’s a dance for sure, an ongoing navigational challenge.

And how perfect that I would run across THIS article, “Finding Lightness Of Being In the Midst of Climate Change,” just now —

The author’s inner/outer journey sounds strikingly similar to mine, but she expresses with stunning skill and eloquence, in this one piece, a mind-set that I have expressed in less-eloquent bits & pieces here on this blog.

An excellent read — the author herself (Ami Chen Mills-Naim) shared it in a thread in the Deep Adaptation group* on Facebook earlier today. I won’t waste any words here; just go read it! I predict that you’ll be really glad you did.

* Deep Adaptation is a group I highly recommend to people who are into facing the big climate reality full-on — physically, emotionally, spiritually. I can’t seem to get Facebook to give me a link but if you just type “Deep Adaptation” into the search field in Facebook, you should be able to find and join the group. This is one of my top go-to groups for moral and emotional support; it’s listed in the permalinks in my blogroll.