Words of Encouragement to a Colleague Who Plans To Move Overseas

The great thing about your move (though you will be missed) is that the place you are moving to is a place that’s abundant in transportation options such as rail, bicycle, bus, and even foot. You will draw many many visitors even just from within the UK, and also surely from neighboring countries, since it’s pretty easy and sustainable to travel from country to country over there.

Internet or no internet, whatever channels you use or don’t use, I know you will continue to be highly successful in your mission of sharing great information/inspiration and making the world a better place.

Also: Videos or virtual events are a great way to multiply your reach, get your valuable info out there to people who need it — while minimizing high-footprint longdistance travel. YouTube or any other vid channel can be great. AND, it need not involve fancy software or big computers or professional video equipment etc.

In fact, I find the more bare-bones, intimate sort of videos a lot more appealing. Not so many layers of glitter and technology between the teacher and me. But then I’ve always favored sort of a punk aesthetic and mentality.