Vaxxed Part 1

Today I had my first vaccination. One down, one to go in a month! I felt anxious about ingesting a pharmaceutical, going inside a hospital etc., but feel that getting the vax is the right choice for my circumstances + the public health, so I will be OK. I choose to go with the CDC guidelines and scientific consensus to minimize my risk of being a carrier and infecting someone.

The vaccination was so painless I could not even tell they’d done it! Afterward, while sitting in an area where they had everyone stick around for 15 minutes to make sure we didn’t have adverse reactions, I found a little baby ladybug crawling on me!!! (I’m sure it hitchhiked in on my clothes LOL).

So after my vaccine I had an additional mission of getting him/her/them safely outdoors in 15 minutes. I’m happy to report that the little cutie was last seen crawling into the nice shady shrub I chose as a drop-off point. A happy outcome for all.

(I always do better when I have something/someone to focus on besides myself.)

On a pandemic note, many parts of the USA and the world are seeing a new spike in cases. But leaders in most USAmerican states are either outright opposed to new shutdowns, or are not finding the political will to implement them because there’s so much public opposition to sacrifice for the greater good. This country could end up being a very sad illustration of what happens to a me-first culture.

The backlash against further shutdowns can also be taken more broadly as a cautionary tale for any environmentalist who’s still tempted to believe that some kind of top-down “green program” imposed by governments will be able to save us from trashing our own planet. By now it should be clear that a grassroots cultural shift is our best hope. Good thing so many of us are doing it! Thanks for being part of the #GrassrootsGreenMobilization