Finding Peace Amid Danger

“If I could not be peaceful in the midst of danger, then the kind of peace I might have in simpler times is meaningless. If I could not find peace in the midst of difficulty, I knew I would never know real peace.” — Thich Nhat Hanh (via Thich Nhat Hanh gems)

Such wise words. And I would say a similar thing about finding exuberance in the midst of danger. There’s no contradiction between recognizing the gravity of the situation and still taking joy in doing our work; in gardening; in becoming parents or grandparents. Life is fundamentally creative and exuberant even in the midst of a planetary eco crisis.

Baby cardinals screech from a nest high in a tree in the empty lot next door. A sleek black racer snake, chased by a neighborhood stray cat, hurtles into the bushes, practically launching itself airborne to safety. And yes, people keep making art and making babies, and it’s all magic.