Bringing In the Big Guns

In my talks and writings, I emphasize the power of grassroots efforts. Here is one prime example. Local eco activists in my area have helped bring about awareness of a manatee die-off crisis, leading to a federal investigation.

(Yes, ironically, sometimes grassroots action needs to entail bringing in higher levels of government. This can happen when citizens living on the frontlines observe that they are not being listened to by their local powers-that-be, and/or that the response from their local and regional governments to a bioregional-level crisis is inadequate.)

I posted the following to local eco activist groups on Facebook this morning. (Special tech note for social-media activist geeks: The text “Manatee Deaths Prompt Fed Investig” after the article link is to preserve the link, which Facebook otherwise swallows up.)

With deep respect and gratitude to <names of two key local eco activists> and all the other local eco-guardians whose efforts have contributed to bringing about this crucial investigation. A big step in the right direction. <green heart emoticon>

#EarthWarriors #GrassrootsGreenMobilization #BioregionalConsciousness

Here’s the link to the article – thank you Daytona Beach News-Journal for covering this story:

Manatee Deaths Prompt Fed Investig

Quote from the article: “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday the recent spate of manatee deaths in the Indian River Lagoon would be declared an unusual mortality event, channeling muchneeded federal resources into an investigation of what’s causing the die-off. … More than 60% of the 2021 deaths — 4.5 deaths per day— have occurred in counties on the Indian River Lagoon, the 156-mile-long estuary that stretches from Ponce de Leon Inlet in Volusia County to Jupiter Inlet in Palm Beach County. … executive director of Save the Manatee Club, said as of Monday, the non-profit had documented 539 deaths and 80 rescues statewide in 2021.”

Further Exploration:

Save the Manatee Club is an example of how the efforts of a local/bioregional-level volunteer organization formed around the love of one charismatic animal or plant can help raise awareness that (ideally) will ultimately lead to the restoration of entire ecosystems. I think it’d be great if every bioregion had clubs like this for different species.