Reuniting Children with Nature

(Following is a “copy-paste guest post” from Dr. Jenny Lloyd Strovas, with her gracious permission. Enjoy the post, and check out all these great publications she offers, for very reasonable prices. You’ll also find a registration link for her Back to Nature Bootcamp. And if you love this content, be sure and join her Facebook group Getting Kids Outside & Learning About Nature – with Dr. Jenny to keep up with her latest offerings. Participation in the group is free.)

Hello and WELCOME to the group!

We’re a community of parents who believe that nature is the KEY to the type of childhood ALL kids should have – one of creativity, exploration, discovery, and learning.

Who we are:
–We empower parents with the tools, skills, and mindset to create a nature-based childhood for their kids – to create a family nature legacy.
–We are parents who know that a STEM-based nature education will help our kids reach their potential and be successful in school and in life.
— We know that developing a connection to nature is personal, so we must learn how our kids best engage with nature.
–We know that spending quality time outside together as a family strengthens family bonds and will create the type of childhood that memories are made of.

Who we are NOT:
–We are not bean counters and don’t keep track of hours.
–We are not mud kitchens and fairy gardens.
–We are not a factory for nature activities. (We empower you to design your own and make them personal for your kids.)

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To promote your kids academics, we include 15 STEM Nature Challenges, 15 Nature Projects, 15 Nature Writing Prompts, and 15 Nature Crafts. We’ve even grouped them into categories like seeds, birds, beetles, flowers, etc.

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