Navigating Life

“The Hindu Vedas described four fundamental strategies for conducting your life.

“1. Toward happy circumstances, develop the attitude of friendliness. When you see happy people, introduce yourself and support them.

“2. Toward unhappy circumstances, develop the attitude of help and mercy. When someone is experiencing sadness, show kindness and compassion.

“3. Toward the good fortune of others, develop the attitude of gladness. When someone succeeds, admire him or her with sincere congratulations.

“4. Toward evil, develop an attitude of non-attachment. Meaning, do not return bad intentions with bad intentions. You may have to adopt a guardian heart to stop evildoers, but you never do it out of revenge.”

— Harry Palmer (from The AvatarĀ® Path 2: Private Lessons, Chapter 7, Life Strategies, Lesson 59) (I highly recommend this book and all of Harry’s writings and video talks.)