Putting Things Off “Til Retirement”

“When I retire …”

This deadly mentality is skewing our economies, hollowing out our Main Streets, wrecking people’s health, setting a bad example for our youth, and contributing to the demise of neighborhood cohesion. And it’s keeping a lot of people’s creativity tied up, which could be channeled into pursuits that would enrich our own lives while also helping to restore ecosystems and address longstanding societal inequities.

If you want to do something, start right now. Even if it’s just on a small scale at first. If your job keeps you from doing what you are really longing to do but are putting off “til retirement,” then either find another job or make your own.

If you are harboring this “When I retire” mentality, get free of it now. My book, and the resources I recommend here in this blog, can help you. And you are always welcome to contact me directly too. I’m here to support you — I mean that!