Taming the Mind

It struck me the other day that taming one’s mind is a service to the planet. A mind that’s calmed and collected (by steady use of mind-taming tools) is also a really nice place to hang out and operate from.

I may have more to say about this, but it’ll wait til another time. I am getting ready to have very limited-to-no internet access til late tonight.

(Bike Week is in town all week, and, similar to other events such as the NASCAR races that attract lots of visitors (yes even with pandemic restrictions), internet access — at least for those of us who use our cellphones as our internet node — gets squeezed down to virtually nil from about 10am til after midnight, as many thousands of extra people are using the cellular data infrastructure.

This used to irk me when I was trying to get my online work such as writing and social-media posting done, but I’ve gotten better at working around it. Moreover, in keeping with the permaculture design principle of “obtaining a yield” / “turn problems into assets,” I actually take the constraint as a fabulous opportunity to focus on non-internet-related stuff all day. Painting, stitching, taking care of plants and humans and other fellow residents.)

Further Exploration:

• To watch some great video talks about taming the mind, visit the Avatar video page of the Avatar(R) Course website. All of Harry’s talks are superb. For starters I particularly recommend “Life Challenges” and “Impressions.” (And, if you’re in more of a mood to read, you can explore elsewhere on the website where a wealth of articles and exercises await.)