Good People Do Start Wars

(Recycling a Facebook memory post that is still true. Will add more thoughts on this later.)

On the “$54 billion increase in war spending” thread, one person commented that “Good people don’t start wars.” This is a popular misconception. In fact, good people DO start wars. Good, well-meaning people start wars all the time. They do it because, in humanity’s toolkit, war is the default “go-to” response to this or that (perceived) insult, this or that craving for resources, this or that fear or prejudice. At least it’s been a default go-to response up til now. But we humans are becoming aware that there are more tools available. Will we human beings evolve quickly enough to avoid bringing about our own extinction? Maybe, maybe not. I like to think so though, and I’m betting on it. Those of us who believe in peace, and who are aware that peace is a PROCESS and a PRACTICE and a SKILL-SET, just have to keep on working to share the tools of peace with anyone who is receptive.