Sparkly Jewelry

Just now on my DEEP GREEN Book page on Facebook, I posted a photo of my new sparkly necklace & earrings set (purchased from a local business). Why am I posting this? To dispel several widespread eco myths!!

1) Myth: We can’t fix all the problems of the world; every human endeavor requires manufacturing, petroleum, etc., so there’s no point doing anything. Like, since everything uses energy, we might as well drive whatever gas-guzzling car we want, etc. Fact: This is just defeatist thinking. There is always a place for minimizing consumerism, minimizing one’s consumption of resources.

2) Myth: If you want to be an environmentalist, no treats or indulgences are allowed. Fact: Not true! We can treat ourselves. Being DISCERNING in our consumption does not mean we never get to buy any fun stuff.

3) Myth: Since so many people are suffering, how dare you have fun! Fact: Actually, we owe it to the world to show how it’s possible to have fun and enjoy treats while still living at a tiny fraction of the average USA resident’s footprint. Also, enjoying life doesn’t preclude taking a variety of daily steady actions to ease the suffering in the world.