Hate the Heat? 5 Easy Ways To Feel Better Instantly

As promised, this is the companion to my post the other day for people who hate the cold. Although I love warm weather and am very heat-tolerant, even I have been known to feel too hot. Here are some of my favorite cheap practical ways to cool off quickly:

• Put your feet in a tub of water. This is more effective if you have a few ice cubes to put in the water, but even just water helps.

• Dump a cup of water over your head and the back of your neck.

• Sit in a shady breezy place (under a pier at the beach, under a tree by a river or creek, etc.)

• Rub an ice cube along the veins of your inner arm and wrist.

• Eat some hot peppers, Thai curry, or other spicy food.

For most of us, it’s winter right now and we have the opposite problem. But these tips will be ready for you to try once the mercury soars again. (Also, a hot-weather “don’t” I learned this year: Don’t eat ice cream when it’s hot out. Sherbet or sorbet maybe; ice cream no. Your body will get heated up trying to digest the dairy product. Sure enough, I tested this out on a blistering hot day this past summer and it is true!)