Non-white, Non-cis Sustainability Voices

Someone on Zero Waste, Zero Judgment just asked for sites/channels of eco-minded folk who are not white, cis-gendered, or vegan. (Not that the person is against white, cis, vegan folk; just that she is wanting to hear viewpoints from people beyond those categories, which seem to make up the majority in eco groups.) Here is a list of suggestions from the comments. (Not clear which are YouTube, which are Instagram etc. — suggest just googling to check them out.)

  • A Sustainable Mind podcast
  • Green Girl Leah
  • Manuela from The Girl Gone Green
  • Biologist Imogene “actual wildlife biologist, talks a lot about personal impact (shes white, Hetero, non vegan or vegetarian I think, but I included her because she is a scientist by trade and she is a pretty good ally)”
  • NatureChola, she’s funny and wholesome
  • HowNotToTravelLikeABasicBitch- “She mostly is travel focused, but she’s got an environmental soft spot too”
  • Simply by christine
  • Kamea Chayne- host of Green Dreamer podcast
  • Zero waste cutie
  • TheEcoGoddess
  • Climate Diva
  • Queer brown vegan
  • Sarah’s Tips for Preparedness (
  • PattieGonia
  • Naturally Mermaid
  • Hey Ashley Renee
  • Thrifts and Tangles