Thoughts On Tourism (Reading List — More)

A couple more readings to add to this ongoing topic:

• “Respect Hawaii’s Sacred Land,” by Isiah Magsino in the excellent email newsletter Anti-Racism Daily: “Investigate the motives behind Zuckerberg, the telescope, COVID travel, and the development of sacred burial grounds, and you get one common denominator: money from outside of Hawaii. This contributes to the growing wealth disparity between non-Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiians, as Native Hawaiians have the highest poverty rate in Hawaii …”

• “Study Hall: Ethical Tourism” (Nicole Cardoza; Anti-Racism Daily): “Isiah’s piece touched on how tourism to Hawaii contributes to its colonization, and how many may not respect its deep history and culture. At the same time, tourism is important to the local economy. When traveling to these spaces, it’s important to listen to the best practices of both the local travel boards and the Indigenous communities that inhabit those lands. Always aim to spend your money with locally-owned lodging, restaurants, etc. Respect the land and don’t leave a visible footprint (recycle, wear the right sunscreen, etc). You can learn more from mindful travel from people like Dr. Kiona that regularly outline these issues.” (This piece seems to be available only in the email newsletter. It was written in response to a reader who asked if they should simply refrain from traveling to Hawaii even though they are interested in the culture.)

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And if you missed it, here is my previous post where I started a list of my favorite readings on this topic.