DIY Green New Deal Talk – Tuesday Nov 24, 2020; 7pm US EST

You’ve all heard me talk about my mission to spark a #GrassrootsGreenMobilization .
As I have written in my book and blog, I discovered that mobilization is well under way. And here is one manifestation of it! I hope you’ll join me in attending this online talk/event on Tuesday Nov 24.

In my experience and extensive observation, some of the biggest obstacles hindering people in making a living doing what they love, while helping the planet, are financial/economic. Permaculture design offers a framework that can very effectively be applied to navigating those obstacles and creating abundance for ourselves, while regenerating ecosystems and communities.

The organizer of the event is a colleague of mine, a permaculture teacher/designer named Mike Hoag, who is dedicated to helping people find livelihoods that are financially viable and right for them, while also helping to restore ecosystems and rebuild strong communities.

Writes Mike, “Here’s the event where you can find out about our plans to support a DIY Green New Deal. I hope you’ll join us! 💚”

This free online event is titled, Opportunity: Become a Community Transformation Leader, and you can go here to register. This will be a general introductory meeting, where you’ll also get to hear information about an upcoming permaculture design course and get your questions answered.

If you want to build real wealth while being the change you want to see, attending this virtual meetup is a great step. I’ve been active in the permaculture movement since 2005; have taken several Permaculture Design Certificate courses — and I’m still really excited about this event; expect to learn a lot. I hope to see you there!