More praise for plants that “take over”

I’m pretty sure I’ve covered this topic here before, but it bears repeating. People (especially here in Florida) seem to be excessively fearful of plants “taking over” their yards. Even gardeners express this fear. Even permaculture gardeners express this fear. It strikes me almost like a feeling of revulsion for the success of a life form other than humans.

In response to yet another “that plant will TAKE OVER” thread on one of the many gardening-related forums I belong to, I posted the following comment. And was happy to see it get over 30 “Likes” so far. Glad it has struck a chord!

“I am grateful for plants that are super robust. One day we may be thankful for them. They may become the only thing holding the soil down; the only thing keeping us from turning into full-on desert as drought-flood extremes continue to accelerate.

“Super vigorous plants are my best buddies. Mineral-harvesters. Chop & drop material for biomass. Flood mitigation; stormwater runoff prevention. Allow us to make our soil a sponge for anti-desertification and firebreak.

“I wonder how many plants, animals, and other creatures, if they could speak, would be saying about us humans, ‘Get rid of them all now! They take over! They’ll overrun you!'”