Summit on Homelessness

Last week I attended the webinar California Landlords’ Summit on Homelessness 2020. VERY worthwhile. The keynote address by Charles Marohn of Strong Towns was even more of a gem than all his other talks & articles & book that I’ve listened to/read, which is saying a lot.

The keynote is packed with powerful, economical solutions that are practical and do-able on a local scale, empowering local govts & citizens. And the various panelists from Kerns County California gave real-time nuts & bolts examples of things they are doing that are working right now. And can work anywhere!!

I am so grateful they have provided a recording!! You can watch/listen here.

Please share with your fellow local activists, elected leaders and anyone else you feel would be interested. Yes, we can house the homeless now! And some of the best solutions are closest at hand, and within the market’s ability to provide.