Pragmatism & Civility

Last night’s U.S. Presidential candidate debate set a new record low for dignity and basic decency. I have always believed it’s possible to voice strong disagreement without calling names, being dismissive, launching personal attacks.

Personally, I am not thrilled with either candidate. And I so wish we had someone that more of the people I know could be thrilled with. But I’m voting for the one who I feel offers the best hope for our Earth and ecosystems. If we destroy our home planet, we won’t HAVE an economy. And, I’m voting for the one who at least acknowledges that systemic racism exists and needs to be corrected.

Regarding civility, someone on Facebook shared this TED Talk by Teresa Bejan, “Is Civility a Sham?” I really like this talk. If we define civility as never speaking our mind, and only surrounding ourselves with likeminded people, we’re doing civility wrong.