Special Note To My Black Friends; To All Black People Everywhere

I have always felt protective toward all of my fellow human beings. Right now I am feeling extra protective of my Black friends, and all Black people everywhere. (Actually I have been feeling extra protective of Black people for the past few months and years, but that feeling is at a new height right now with all that’s been going on.)

I am listening, I love you, I am learning from you, and am keeping an extra eye out for you.

# ISeeColor #BlackLivesMatter #BlackIsBeautiful #WeAreAllOne #CancelRacism #GotYourBack

Further Exploration:

“The Local Case for Reparations” (Charles Marohn, StrongTowns.org). Strong Towns is one of my perennial favorite resources for creative ideas on urban revitalization. This article overviews the history of redlining and offers some promising ideas for making reparations while simultaneously remedying blight. Writes Marohn: “To put wealth in the hands of the people who live in these redlined neighborhoods, two things must happen. First, the neighborhood must experience investment, an inflow of capital that stays within the neighborhood. Second, that capital must be allowed to accrue to the people who are already there; it can’t result in their displacement.”

White Nonsense Roundup Facebook Page: “White Nonsense Roundup is a group of mostly white people who volunteer to address white supremacy & racism by fellow white people on social media. We are not experts, but as white people we are responsible for addressing racism in ourselves and in our communities. If you are Black, Indigenous, or a person of color and run into white people talking nonsense on social media, get in touch and we’ll join the conversation. … We prioritize tags by Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color. If you’re white and you’re rounding up some nonsense and tag us for backup, we’ll happily join you. We encourage white people not to tag us into conversations in which they themselves haven’t done any rounding up. As white people, we all have a responsibility to do this work. Please feel welcome to private message us and we can help you craft your own responses to white nonsense. You can also find resources to back you up on our website: whitenonsenseroundup.com/resources”