Two Extra Important Global Eco Events Coming Up (Online) This Week

There are so many worthwhile eco webinars and other events that I don’t usually post them on this blog. But these two are extra important and I feel compelled to share them here as well as on my usual social-media channels. I have high hopes for both of these events to step up our power as individuals to be part of the solution to humanity’s path of ecological self-destruction.

1. “Igniting Climate Literacy: Creating a citizenry ready and willing to build a sustainable economic future” Zoom webinar by earthday . org, Monday September 21, 11am-12 noon US EST; go here to register. (“The youngest generations are going to be the ones most impacted by climate change — though they are the ones least responsible for it. For climate solutions to create a citizenry ready and willing to act now and build a sustainable economic future, we must start at the root: education. EARTHDAY . ORG invites you to join us for our Climate Week NYC event and an all-new Earth Day LIVE: Igniting Climate Literacy on Monday, September 21st at 11am Eastern. Join us for a lively discussion about the importance of educating our youth on climate and environmental topics to ensure a citizenry that is equipped with hope, skills and motivation to take action for a more sustainable future. The webinar will be 60 minutes and hosted over Zoom. By registering and joining the webinar, you’ll be able to ask questions during the Q&A. If you can’t connect over Zoom, we’ll also be streaming the event over Facebook. Our panelists include: Rohan Arora, Founder and Executive Director of The Community Check-Up; Frida Berry Eklund, Founder of Our Kids’ Climate; Neeshad Shafi, Executive Director of Arab Youth Climate Movement, Qatar; Rab Nawaz, Senior Director WWF, Pakistan; Asha Alexander, Principal and CEO Of The Kindergarten Starters and Executive Leader, Climate Change — GEMS Education, Dubai; Laura Secada, Director General of Climate Change and Desertification of the Ministry of Environment of Peru. Join us next week as we discuss the connections of climate and environmental education to conservation goals, more green jobs, a healthy economic future and a sustainable planet, as well as actions you can take to get involved. See you there, EARTHDAY . ORG Education Team”).

2. Kiss the Ground film debut & global watch party (film debut on Netflix Tuesday September 22; watch party Q&A 9pm US EST). (“Kiss the Ground will reveal how regenerating the world’s soils can completely and rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies. Get ready to feel hopeful and inspired about the future of our planet, and how you can make a positive impact on the health of the world. Kiss The Ground debuts on Netflix starting September 22. Gather with a million of your friends across the globe around a new, old solution to climate change.”

“[Watch Party Q&A] will be a gathering of conscious thought leaders from Hollywood to homesteads. At the live stream, you’ll join: Woody Harrelson, Narrator, Kiss The Ground Movie / Actor; Gisele Bündchen, U.N. Goodwill Ambassador; Ian Somerhalder, Activist / Actor; Dr. Mark Hyman, Cleveland Center for Functional Medicine; Jason Mraz, Singer-Songwriter / Agroforestry Farmer; Pashon Murray, Founder of Detroit Dirt; Ray Archuleta, Farmer / Conservation Agronomist; Doniga Markegard, Author / Regenerative Rancher; Ryland Engelhart, Co-Founder of Kiss The Ground (non-profit); Nicole Shanahan, Founder and President, Bia-Echo Foundation; Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell, Directors, Kiss The Ground.”)

Note from me: This film, produced by the soil education organization also known as Kiss the Ground (whose webinars I’ve taken and have raved about), is narrated by Woody Harrelson(!), and features Gisele Bundchen and other stars. Soil is key to the future of human life on earth. Lately we humans, especially in the USA, have found ourselves more divided across political and social issues than ever. Soil, with its microbial kingdoms upon which we all depend, offers a chance for us all to come together as the fellow humans and carbon-based life forms that we are. Hope to “see” you at the watch party! And even if you can’t make the watch party, you can watch the film on Netflix at your convenience.