Home Medicine Chest

I don’t always have all of the following in my kitchen cabinet or medicine cabinet, but I usually have most of these things on hand. Although I generally stay pretty healthy, I like having these things around for myself and others.

Advil (sometimes muscle pain or headache comes along, and while I usually tough it out, sometimes I need a reboot with something stronger!)

Aloe (the plant if you can grow it in your area; but commercial products consisting of aloe gel mixed with alcohol can be helpful too): burns, cuts, rashes, insect bites

Angostura bitters: for nausea, indigestion, hangovers! 

Antiseptic ointment: stubborn cuts, blisters

Apple cider vinegar: capful in drinking water makes an all-around health tonic

Baking soda: relieve heartburn; alkalize body chemistry

Beeswax salve: cuts, abrasions, chapped lips

Cayenne: sore throat, stuffy nose, lethargy

Coca-Cola: stomach flu

Cinnamon: indigestion

Dill pickles, pickle juice: summer lethargy; electrolyte supplement

Epsom salts: fever; foot soak; draw out skin infections

Garlic (fresh cloves): energy boost; anti-fungal; some call it “Russian Penicillin”; reduce cholesterol, blood sugar

Ginger (the fresh root): nausea; indigestion

Ginger candy (chewy or hard): motion sickness

Gold Bond powder: heat rash; insect bites

Hot peppers (fresh if possible; otherwise dried): decongestant, blood thinner, clear out mucous membranes

Lemon: bladder health; vitamin C

Lemongrass: constipation

Parsley: bladder health; vitamin supplement

Teas (chamomile, ginger): sleep; digestion

Tea tree oil: cuts; bug bites; rashes (dilute w water or alcohol or use straight)

Tobacco: snake bite; bee/wasp sting (I have never had to use it but a friend gave me some loose tobacco and it’s sitting at the back of my medicine cabinet just in case)

Vaseline: superficial cuts, rashes, skin abrasions

Vicks Vapo-Rub: chest congestion; stuffy nose

Would like: to grow turmeric as anti-inflammatory

What’s in your home medicine cabinet? What else would you like to grow or make?