Deep Green Book Online: Acknowledgments & About the Author


To all my personal eco-heroes, too numerous to list them all but here are a few—these folks truly walk their talk! Starr Benton, Cedar Stevens, Rainy S. Day, James Campbell, Alan McGill, Ken McKenzie, Brandi Clark, the Green Gate Farmers (Erin Flynn, Skip Connett, Avery Connett, Ethan Connett), Nova Marie, Joseph Jenkins, Scott Pittman, Larry Santoyo, Chris Carson, Chris Searles, Mark Sardella, Sun Ray Kelley, Kirby Fry, Dick Pierce, Selwyn Polit, Markus Ottmers, Andy Buckingham, Rick Wright, Jim O’Brien, Frank Meyer, HeatherJo Flores, Bill Oliver, Howie Richey & Linda Anderson, Norm Ballinger, Koreen Brennan, Erica Klopf, Jungle Jay, Andy Firk, Soo Se Cho, Laura Smith, Chris Searles, my cousin the artist Jim Kay, Grandma and Grandpa West, Harry Palmer.


Jenny Nazak is a freelance sustainability educator, community activist, and artist based in Daytona Beach, USA. Over the past decade or so, she’s become “micro-famous” for having a low-footprint, high-quality lifestyle. She’s dedicated to preserving dense, walkable, low-footprint urban environments and wild nature. To read more of her writing, and to contact her, visit her website