Unsustainable Values

Starting a list of unsustainable attitudes/values/social norms that are contributing to eco degradation, economic hardship, and other suffering throughout the world. As you may have noticed, I sometimes post “open-ended” posts, which are often lists. (I call such posts open-ended because I start with what I’ve got, and revisit the post to add other items as they occur to me. Sometimes I’m still adding items months later!) 

obsessive symmetry

obsessive neatness

giving exalted status to college, so-called “higher ed”; denigrating other forms of learning; not acknowledging that there are other, possibly better, paths to success and good citizenship

exalting youth; devaluing age

anti-sensitivity: branding sensitive people as lunatics needing meds

obsessive need for “order” and security

anti-visionary: calling young people with imagination and vision “impractical” or “naive”; anyone who manages to make it to adulthood with this sensitivity & imagination intact is dubbed eccentric, naive, not worth listening to

extreme risk-aversion

fear/intolerance of nature