How To Use This Blog

As its sub-title suggests, I aspire in this blog to offer tips, resources, and moral support to people who want to reduce the eco footprint of their everyday activities. There are lots of ways you can use this blog, including:

• get tips on how to do something, like composting or rainwater collection

• get tips on how to simplify a practice that you’re already doing

• read up on radical practices that you might not be ready to try (yet), but are curious about

• get tips for household disaster-preparedness (be it weather-related disasters, pandemics, financial catastrophe or any other unexpected extreme adversity that might come your way)

• because this blog is nearly all text (to conserve bandwidth — yours, mine, and the cloud’s), you can use it to train your mind to be less dependent on photos and videos; able to take in information in written form — an essential low-tech skill that many of us have lost in recent decades

• get talking-points for explaining to the people in your life why you care about reducing your eco footprint

• get articles, case studies and other “backup” for your environmental beliefs

• learn how to live on very little money

• get reassurance that many many other people are on this same path

• find realtime interactive community via the Facebook groups, etc., in my blogroll

Can you think of any other need that this blog is meeting for you? Or any other need that you would like for this blog to help you meet? Drop me a line!