The Kerrville Folk Festival is going virtual this year, with headliner concerts, late-night campfires, and brunch get-togethers all being streamed online. This is a beautiful effort to keep a festival going that started way back in 1974.

“During the live broadcast of this concert all donations will be split between the artists. This concert will continue to be streamed from our Facebook page, YouTube Channel, as well as our Website thereafter, wherein all further donations will support the Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation.”

If you are familiar with Burningman, KFF may be sort of the acoustic, folk, hippie-ish version of that. Or, maybe Burningman and other burner events are a techie version of a folk music festival. (On that note, I once remarked to a friend that Burningman seemed like the dot-com intelligentsia’s version of an Aggie bonfire. To which he responded, maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe the Aggie bonfire is a redneck version of Burningman.)