A Call To Inaction

As government leaders declare an end to the pandemic shutdown, I have a special mission for my fellow deep-green foot-soldiers. We’ve now witnessed something unprecedented in modern times: the enormous planetary benefit of a massive global human stay-at-home. So what I’m asking you to do now is decide for yourself; keep up the shutdown as much as you feel is right for yourself and the planet.

Because this is what worked in terms of restoring ecosystems. Limited human activity. Limited travel; curtailed consumption. Those of you who are alarmed at the return to “normal” (whether you’re alarmed for environmental reasons, public-health reasons, neighborhood-cohesion reasons, or all of the above), I am out-and-out calling on you to keep a voluntary shutdown, to whatever extent you can.

In other words, my friends, this is a call to inaction.

Or as I like to call it, “Being a Stay-At-Home Mom for Mother Earth.”

Further Reading:

As People Stay Home, Earth Turns Wilder and Cleaner (La Crosse Tribune). The color-coded maps show the contrast; give a graphic testimonial.

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