Car-Free Living Tips

In my recent post about the value of reducing one’s financial overhead (even after the economic shutdown from Coronavirus eases), I mention doing without a car as one major way to cut overhead. I could have sworn I had written you a post awhile back, offering a compilation of articles on the benefits of car-free living. But it seems I did not! Or at least I can’t find it if I did. So … Rustling up some links for you now:

I Live in the Suburbs Without a Car — Here’s How You Can Too ( I agree with her tip about setting aside $1,000 per year for taxis and other car service. I probably spend about $200-500 a year. A tiny fraction of the cost of car ownership, and none of the headache of car trouble.

9 Big Reasons Why You Should Choose To Live Without a Car (The Frugal Gene). Cost, safety, no more parking hassle, etc.

A House in the Suburbs, Three Kids, and No Car ( “The Montgomery family in Brampton [Ontario] realized that the mother’s salary was consumed by the costs of car ownership and day care. They sold both cars three years ago, and now she stays home and the family of five bikes and uses transit.”

Car-Free Living ( Three people’s perspectives. I like how one person ended up expanding her “walkable radius” to 5 miles.

Living Car-Free in American Suburb ( A transportation planner who loves city life ends up taking a job in the suburbs because the job is very rewarding, offers great opportunity to make a difference.

Living Car-Free in Rural Areas (discussion thread on

I haven’t finished rustling up links yet but those should hold you for now! If you try car-free living, let me know how it goes. Or if you’re already doing it, share your favorite tips!

Photo shows my trusty errand bike, a single-speed Trek Earl with cage-style panniers. The shopping bags are “new”; I sewed them this past week. The fabric is canvas from discarded beach furniture that looked practically new. Love the bright color: Bonus for cycling safety.

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