Retro-additions to posts

As I’ve mentioned (and as some of you may have noticed), I sometimes expand old blog articles by adding new resources as I come across them. I don’t typically issue any notifications when I do this (it would get cumbersome and cluttery).

That said, I’m about to do one such update to an old article. Once that’s done, I will add the article title and link info to this post, and will also make a post on my “Deep Green Book by Jenny Nazak” Facebook page.

Usually when I add to an old article, it’s because I have belatedly stumbled on an additional resource (article, video, etc.) that I want to share with you on that topic. But this time, I’m doing it because a fellow eco/health blogger alerted me of such a resource. It’s a milestone for this blog, because the fellow blogger who emailed me is a stranger who stumbled on my blog, read my old post, and found it good enough that they asked me to include their article in the “Further Reading” section. That’s really cool!

Every single one of you readers, be it a longtime friend or a stranger, is precious to me. I’m here to support each of you on your paths to creating a kinder, greener world. Though old readers are every bit as precious to me as new ones, I take the appearance of a new reader, who I have no personal connection with, as a sign that my effort to spread the #GrassrootsGreenMobilization is catching on. And for that I am so happy!

I’ll be back in a bit with that post update info for you!