Riot for Austerity Rules

I meant to post the Riot for Austerity rules file for your reference awhile back, but either I didn’t or it got deleted. So, here you go:

This PDF contains the Riot for Austerity (90 Percent Reduction Challenge) rules. This is a set of targets for reducing your personal or household eco footprint to 10% of the U.S. average. This set of targets has guided my personal practices since about 2007.

According to my understanding, these rules were written in the mid-2000s by Sharon Astyk and Miranda Edel, the two bloggers who started the Riot for Austerity movement. They are based on the global/policy targets set forth by George Monbiot in his ground-breaking book HEAT: How To Stop the Planet Burning. The phrase “Riot for Austerity” itself was inspired by Monbiot’s observation that no one ever riots for austerity (though it might be in our interest to promote voluntary austerity).

My book Deep Green was in turn inspired by all these people’s great work.