Well, dear readers, I told you I was working on some fiction, and the time has come to share it with you! ALONE is my comic novel-in-progress about a washed-up eco-activist who wakes up one day to find that all the other people are gone.

I had originally planned to launch a complete novella today (February 14, 2020), but the story sort of grew legs, or maybe I should say tentacles! So it’s a work ongoing. I’m going to be posting it here on this blog in installments, as free downloadable PDFs. You can also subscribe to get installments delivered (at unspecified periodic intervals) to your email inbox. Just drop me a line at jnazak at yahoo dot com

Later, once the story is finished, I’ll be formally launching it as a book or series of books, which will be available for sale. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the wild and woolly “first cut”! Thanks for joining me on this ride! Below, I give you Installment #1 of ALONE.

UPDATE Feb 21, 2020: Early readers have been enjoying the saga so far! Thank you for your feedback. Early readers have also given me useful feedback on the page layout, and I have reformatted the layout to be more mobile-friendly.

Here is ALONE, Installment 1, improved for mobile-readability.