REAL Smart Growth: Blend ancient technologies with discerning use of modern tech

Every once in a while, I run across (or a friend shares with me – thank you Anne!) an article that is so drop-dead, spot-on, EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking, that I just have nothing to add, and I just have to share the link as-is, with just a short quote.

The case for making low-tech “dumb” cities instead of smart ones – by Amy Fleming, in The Guardian.

“There’s old, and then there’s old – and for urban landscapes increasingly vulnerable to floods, adverse weather, carbon overload, choking pollution and an unhealthy disconnect between humans and nature, there’s a strong case for looking beyond old technologies to ancient technologies.

“It is eminently possible to weave ancient knowledge of how to live symbiotically with nature into how we shape the cities of the future, before this wisdom is lost forever. We can rewild our urban landscapes, and apply low-tech ecological solutions to drainage, wastewater processing, flood survival, local agriculture and pollution that have worked for indigenous peoples for thousands of years, with no need for electronic sensors, computer servers or extra IT support.”

This to me is real smart growth! And speaking of smart growth, here’s a link to the Facebook Live recording of my “Green Daytona” radio show today. Topic is “Smart Growth: Can We Really Have It? If So, How?”